The Fashion Forward Edit


31st of October, Dubai Design District.

Amidst the cultural and political revolution we’re experiencing in our beautiful Lebanon, Jessica K embarked on her first fashion show abroad, a new venture for the brand.

Fashion Forward Dubai is an annual gathering for significant players of the industry. A game of socializing in formal and informal settings – a filled schedule of talks, shows and after-hours drinks. The branded hyped atmosphere created all around Dubai Design District, elevated the experience Fashion Forward worked hard to create.

Choosing Fashion Forward Dubai as a partner for this significant milestone enabled Jessica K to be introduced for the first time to the members of the regional and international fashion communities – gathered in Dubai in support to the Middle Eastern design talent.

Jessica K delivered, to the electronic tribal sound of Nicolas Jaar and Unders, a collection infused with a Vintage Californian attitude. The versatile collection was also injected with modern edge and feminine sensibility, asserting the identity of a Jessica K woman.

Key looks strutted down the clean and linear runway with statement jewelry pieces adorning the elegant faces and bodies of the models.

The focal point of the show was the “finale” in which Jessica, the creative director, held the Lebanese flag in support of the turmoil happening in our dear home.

A statement to nurture the need to support the country and its people.

We believe that strongly united, we can rebuild our country to a flourishing state of being and mind.

As Lebanese designers, we pledge to raise our flag proudly and fiercely, to fight through this dark tunnel and reach the light so that the Lebanon we breathe for rises like never before.

From the runway to you,

One step forward,
One voice, one unit,
One Lebanon!

Jessica K