A Look Inside Jessica K’s

New Store


by Letizia Ackaouy | 03.06.2019



Jessica K’s showroom turned into store is unlike anything else you may stumble upon in Beirut. Painted in Monochromatic peachy colors it feels like stepping straight into a Wes Anderson movie. The new space is playful, pristine and unique. Expect to be wowed the moment you walk in.

The store, like Jessica K’s seasonal collections is inspired by the 70’s era – a favorite of the designer. Hints of this period’s most iconic trademarks make an appearance throughout the room – from “op-art” flooring to curvy mirrors and circular marble tables. Not to mention the iconic Gufram “Bocca Sofa” that the designer refurbished in orange velvet especially for the room.  

What renders it even more impressing is how perfectly well merged the collection and interior design are together. Tie-dye prints and polka dots complement well the color palette of the newly revamped showroom while Jessica K’s infamous colored suits add bursts of freshness to the soothing vibes of the room.

It doesn’t take more than a glimpse of the place to feel the refined, feminine, confident touch of Jessica – something she never fails to present in each of her collections.

Jessica K’s new space caters to all the Instagram lovers out there. But the most Instagrammable section of the store is the centerpiece installation that captures your eyes first and foremost. Jessica K’s eclectic jewelry is adorned by a gorgeous custom-made flower ceiling designed and executed by Florish. The installation perfectly marries the complexity of art with the simplicity of nature. It is another analogy of the brand’s identity – the art of combining complex patterns with simple cuts.

The oversized fitting rooms elevate the customers’ experience as well, a goal the designers had in mind to enhance your comfort. 

But our description of the store can only do so much. Come check it out and we bet you’d be as impressed as we were!


Architect: Suzanne Anhoury

Flowerist: Sybil layous (Florish)

Location : Hotel Monroe, 2nd floor, Ain el Mraisseh