Karma Ekmekji x Jessica K “DiploWomen” Suit


On Thursday May 23rd, we launched our Karma Ekmekji x Jessica K “DiploWomen” suit. A suit for all the Lady Bosses out there. 

The event not only inaugurated our Lilac suit but also our newly revamped showroom – thus giving the event a powerful meaning to both Jessica & Karma. 

Karma Ekmekji is a powerful diplowoman working behind the scenes as an indispensable member of Prime Minister SaadHariri’s team. As his advisor of International Affairs, Karma finds herself often in need of an outfit that distinguishes her from all the men working in politics while still being elegant and professional. 

The strive to challenge how society regards working women and more specifically women in politics is what drove Karma and Jessica to work together. By combining their expertise in politics and fashion respectively, they created a suit for the multi-tasking woman who is successful in a “man’s world”. Winds are changing for women in politics and this suit was created at a perfect time, when more women than ever were appointed as ministers in our current government. 



The outcome of the collaboration was a 3-piece, lilac suit. With a straight cut double-buttoned blazer and flared high-waist pants, the suit represents an amalgam of conventional and hip working attire. The gilet, which is worn often by Jessica with a crossed open back, was introduced in its simplest form to fit into Karma’s expectation.  Whether you wear it alone or above a shirt the gilet complements perfectly the ensemble. Yet, the double standard of the “Diplowomen” outfit enables any women wearing it to take off the blazer after hours and enjoy her free time. Serving as a versatile addition to her closet, the suit will accompany its owner from work to drinks, day meetings to children’s school activities – in other words, travel with its owner from morning to night.

Moreover, the color of the suit was chosen with a specific purpose in mind. It serves to challenge the perception women have of suitable colors for a work ensemble. Shades of gray and dark blue are perceived as safe colors – colors that help women blend in within a sea of men. Jessica & Karma, with their choice of light pure lilac, encourage the cient to stand out in a crowd of black and white, while owning their femininity.

On the day of the event, Jessica & Karma’s entourage gathered around an array of hors d’oeuvres and drinks while discussing the collaboration and rifling through Jessica K’s “Suburbia” Collection. It was the perfect chance for Jessica & Karma to mingle and form a new entourage born from the cross road between fashion and politics. During her talk, Karma stressed on the importance of believing in this and owning up to the hard work it takes to be a mom and a successful working individual. Being stylish does not diminish in any shape or form your level of shrewdness. A strong message also carried with the suit is that of Fashion Diplomacy. Karma believes that through her work and professional travels, she can introduce Lebanon’s talents and creative industries to the world. 

The “Diplowomen Suit” is available in our showroom at Hotel Monroe and online at www.jessica-k.com