About the designer

From the moment she stepped into the fashion world, Jessica Khoueiri-Achkar has believed in the empowering role fashion takes on, and uses that to her strengths.

Born in 1987, Jessica has always enjoyed arts & crafts. She loves doing anything that involves working with her hands, and while at school, she spent most of her time drawing dresses. Yet, she never expected or even thought she’d actually become a fashion designer herself! After finally deciding to study Fashion Design at Instituto Marangoni in London & graduating with honors, she moved back to Beirut where she set up & launched Jessica K, her contemporary women’s wear label that has gained a cult following amongst the capital’s fashion-savvy crowd.

Organized, meticulous & a perfectionist down to the very last detail, Jessica is focused on always creating something new; something exciting. She is determined to inject her sense of refinement & urban chic into every single piece she creates.

A wife & mother of two, Jessica Khoueiri-Achkar is tireless by nature. Even when she’s not working, she is constantly finding inspiration from everything around her, especially from the quality time she spends with her family, which also explains her most recent undertaking: LITTLE BLUFFERS , a kid’s clothing label launched in 2015. In other words, Jessica does what she loves, and it looks like there’s no slowing down in sight.

About the brand: A play on femininity, a twist on sophistication…

A fresh & modern womenswear label, founded by Lebanese designer Jessica Khoueiri-Achkar, Jessica K was created in 2010 with women of today in mind, wherever they may be. The label boasts a collection of confident, feminine and refined silhouettes that scream urban elegance, with a touch of Rock n’ Roll. A perfectionist down to the very last detail, Jessica makes it a point to select some of the finest fabrics, master the sharpest cuts & styles, as well as oversee the quality finish she looks for in clothing herself. Mixing masculine with feminine, leather with lace and gold with sporty-chic styling, Jessica K is always reinterpreting fashion paradoxes to create easy-to-wear, yet edgy collections, with sharp day-to-night pieces & outfits.